NYT connections Answer Today Feb 01, 2024

Hi puzzle fans, here we are with new and exciting updates of NYT Connections answers for today, as we all know that NYT Connections is a world-famous word puzzle game. In this game, you have to choose the right word with the right category. So in this post we will guide with that. Stay with us, here we go.

NYT Connections Answer 01 February 2024

So here we will guide with the answers for today’s Connections game, firstly we will describe regarding the categories in which Connections fall for today.

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NYT Connections Categories

  • Yellow: (In this category, you have to think about actions that make the things shorter and smaller)
  • Blue: (Blue category describes interest or brawny feelings of people for something)
  • Purple: (The category describes, textured surface or objects that have a grooved)
  • Green: (The green category describes the physique or physical strength)

NYT Connections Answer

Need more help? So here we will guide you with the answers of today’s Connections (01 Feb, 2024).

  1. Wrinkled Things: PUG, BRAIN WALNUT PRUNE
  3. Make Shorter: CUT, TRIM CLIP, PARE
  4. Enthusiast: LOVER, NUT, FAN, BUFF

I hope these answers will fulfil your requirements, play connections and enjoy your day, we’ll meet again tomorrow with new words, answers and exciting news regarding NYT Connections.

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