Here we will talk about the NYT connections game, step into the world of a words puzzle game, NYT connections. In this game you have to select right words for right place, in this game you will know how much grammatically knowledge you have. Connections game is simple but also an interesting game in now a days. If you are a word wizard, or you’re just to love a good challenge, “Connections” is here for you. You can entertain your mind and exercise your mind by playing this game. Connect with us to explore more about this game.

Play NYT Connections Game

Get ready for some wordplay adventures that will increase your vocabulary and also bring a smile on your face. Are you ready to play word puzzle world-famous game? Click on the mentioned below button play and start playing:

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What is NYT Connections

As we all know that, this is the world of technology, and everybody trapped in the world of new technologies, so we can say that NYT connections is also a part of that modern technology. Connections is a word puzzle game developed by the New York Times. Connections game is like Wordle game, that is also developed by NYTimes. In Connections, you have to guess one five-letter word, In this game you get a grid with sixteen words. You have to group them into four sets of four words each, means finding the secret connection between them. You can play this game on daily basis, and you can finish this game in few minutes.

Connections, designed to be a quick and also enjoyable words game that you can engage with every day. Through this game, you can utilize your mind and discover new word connections on a daily basis. So play this game on daily base and keep your brain amused and sharp.

Popularity of NYT Connections

Connections game is becoming so popular because now a days more and more people are loving to play this game and also people are loving to accept new challenges to exercise their brain. In today’s life we all know that everybody is busy in his/her life, and they have shortness of time, so in this scenario Connections game is here to entertain your mind, and you can play this game in just few minutes, you don’t need to spare a long time of period on this game, you can solve or attempt this game in few minutes and that’s it. That is why word puzzle game like Connections is popular in now a days.

How to Play Connections

In this game you’ll be received 16 words of grid, and your task is to organize these words into four groups and those groups are based on a hidden connection between that words.

Your duty is to find or understand the closely relation between that words, and then you’ll select that words wisely. It means connections could be related to these things,

  • Categories
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Rhyming Words
  • Properties


In categories, you can guess actors, historical events, fruits, countries etc.


In synonyms, you can guess a word similar to the previous word, or the given words are showing similarity.


In antonyms, we can see what kind of words are the opposite of words


In properties, we can find words related to size, materials, emotions and shapes.