Homophones Strands Spangram March 22nd 2024

In strands game there is a special word called spangram, in this post we’ll talk about Homophones Strands Spangram. firstly, strands provides us a fresh theme regularly, and then we have to find out the words related to that theme. There is a spangram, a special word of the day.

Homophones Strands Spangram

Strands is a game words puzzle, in this game you’ll find out the hidden words related to the provided theme, there is also an important thing, a spangram. Spangram means the special word of the day.

Today’s spangram of strands game for March 22nd, 2024 is Homophones.

Do you know? Yesterday’s Spangram

What Does Mean Homophones?

The meaning of Homophones is the words that sounds the same, but they have different spelling and meaning.

Homophones Examples

Here are some examples of the word Homophones:

  • “Meet” and “meat”
  • “Flower” and “flour”
  • “Sun” and “son”

Upper listed are the examples of Homophones word.

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